Curriculum Integration

Utilize the curriculum you have already purchased or plan to purchase. Our content rating teams will review everything from readability to standards alignment, and everything in between.


We specialize in helping districts create personalized learning opportunities, environments, and  regimes in order to create a more conducive learning and teaching ecosystem. We track, target, and prescribe curriculum (that your district already uses) based on the student's progress and areas of interest that propel the student to be the driver of their "Student Career Portfolio". Our team of experts analyze your resources and use algorithms to determine where and how they will propel the student into increased success based on their personal needs. This creates increased engagement while providing levels of rigor that challenge your students to grow. Our Instructor coaching system will guide your teacher into the transition that takes place from traditional learning environment the personalized ecosystem. This will force achievement gaps to close, credit recovery to go away, and allow your teachers to create true differentiation for students. This is why our student profile piece is so important to the needs of the learner and educator.

A balanced system of assessment will be used to identify patterns of achievement for designing instruction, implementing appropriate instructional interventions, and communicating student progress. Classroom instruction will consistently incorporate research-based and personalized learning strategies, emphasize mastery of standards and competencies, and empower students to actively monitor their own progress.

Your district and schools will sustain student academic achievement and growth at the highest levels of proficiency.

Our Instructors

All Brain Shapes trainers are licensed to teach by the state. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific approaches.

Student Portfolio

Brain Shapes provides a Virtual portfolio that will compile data, that propels a learner through their individual learning styles. this stays with them for life.